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IInitially specialising in the design of customs clearance IT solutions, CONEX is recognised as the leader in its field, combining technical competence and regulatory knowledge.

Customs system reform leading to an era of electronic customs clearance has given CONEX the opportunity to expand its trade to include data transmission between companies and European Union

With the ever-increasing number of global exchanges, CONEX is enlarging its geographical area of activity by offering global partners the chance to benefit from its transmission platform management know how and ability to communicate Europe-wide.

In this international context, CONEX, a truly trusted and neutral third party transmission option, is playing an essential role in customs data interchange security.

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CONEX is a customs procedure management software specialist. Our SaaS platform, complete and modular, is dedicated to the treatment of all types of declarations. It’s our core business, and we master all the components of it. We cover all your interconnection needs with customs administrations, your suppliers and your customers.  What matters for us is you: your business, your goods, your dealings with customs authorities, your success! From the key stages of an organisational change to the daily use of our tools: we are always by your side, helping you to enhance and strengthen your customs compliance.

Regardless of your customs procedure needs and your business context, we have the fully compliant solution for you, in a totally electronic customs environment: IMPORT- EXPORT - SPECIAL PROCEDURES - ECS - NCTS - ICS - EMCS - CUSTOMS TARIFF.

Choosing CONEX solutions means increasing your productivity by reinforcing and enhancing the management of your customs data and your EDI exchanges with administrations, your customers and your subsidiaries. Our full range of products and customs services provides you with the guarantee of efficiency and compliance in a context where reliability and traceability are not negotiable.

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