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GB Safety & Security SOLUTION

Carriers or their representatives responsible for filing the mandatory security declaration for any goods entering the territory of Great Britain. Electronic advance security declaration or ENS (Entry Summary Declaration). All modes of transport. Electronic exchanges via Conex’s secure communication platform. Data integration in Full EDI mode or input via a WEB APPLICATION.


The United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union: new safety and security rules

GB S&S is the UK's system for managing the electronic safety and security declaration for all goods arriving in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales). No security declaration is required between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.


Performance and security for your declarations

The The advance security declaration is sent through SAFE via conex™ to the British customs system called GB S&S (Safety and Security) between 1 hour before the arrival of the goods and 24 hours prior to their loading at their port of departure, depending on the mode of transport. Our solution guarantees the ENS declaration filing carried out in accordance with the regulations, the transmission of the MRN issued by the customs administration as well as the return of risk analysis messages, if need be, thanks to an interface available 24 hours a day.