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Conex Presents the ICS System to Japanese Freight Forwarders

For their May 8 2012 Conference, the JIFFA Association organized a conference on the European Import Control System. In Tokyo for other business, Lance THOMPSON, International Development Manager at CONEX, presented the program and the possibilities of the CONEX solution.

The JIFFA Association brings together almost all the maritime freight forwarders of Japan. The organization is managed primarily by the bigger members (Mitsubishi, Mitsui, Sumitomo…). These members provide staff for its operations.

The maritime freight forwarders have the impression that they are on the front line of security initiatives around the world. They are constantly asked to provide more information in order to satisfy these regulations around the world and the requirements vary from one country to the next. They therefore sought to better understand the European regulations in order to best comply and in order to eventually handle their ENS declarations directly.

Studying the EU system closely also seemed pertinent since Japanese customs will soon put into place their own pre-arrival security system. The modalities of this new system remain unclear; the freight forwarders of Japan are trying to better understand other systems around the world in order to ask the right questions and avoid problems that have arisen elsewhere. One of the most important problems they see in the European system is the single-filing system of ENS.

Using the ICS-via-Conex solution allows to minimize this problem of a single-filing system. Indeed, it is possible for transporters and freight forwarders to work together in the ICS-via-Conex environment in order to consolidate the information to be sent to customs. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Conex will follow the evolutions of the Japanese regulations in order to assist its clients in every way possible.

Read the PDF: Conex Presents the ICS System to Japanese Freight Forwarders


Dr. Lance THOMPSON - Conex
Tokyo, 11 May 2012